Frequently Asked Questions

Do residents pay for water, electric, and trash?

The water is billed at a flat rate based on the floor plan and is added to your rental account.  It is due with your rental payment on the first of the month.

Do you have assigned parking?

No, we do not have assigned parking spaces.

Where does a resident's large packages get sent to?

USPS sends all large packages to the main office where we contact our residents to retrieve them.  UPS and FEDEX may leave it in front of a resident's door or at the office.

Do you accept Section 8 / Housing vouchers?

​​To ensure the financial stability of our residents and maintain a safe environment, we have established certain qualifications. Firstly, we require that your monthly income be at least three times the amount of the rent. This criterion helps ensure that you can comfortably afford your rent, allowing you to enjoy your home stress-free. By maintaining this standard, we aim to create a community where residents can thrive financially. In addition to income qualifications, we conduct thorough credit and criminal background screenings. These screenings are conducted to protect the well-being of our residents and maintain a harmonious living environment. Contact our leasing office today to learn more about our income qualifications, the application process, and to schedule a tour. We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful community!